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  • 25 years later
    It’s been 25 years since the infamous ice storm of 1998 laid waste to eastern Ontario and southern Québec. Mother Nature chose to reminisce on this auspicious anniversary by blessing us with—thankfully, only a little—more ice.
  • New Year, New Projects
    I’m a longtime fan of photo projects; they’re great at keeping my eye and shutter-button finger limber. Over the past 10 years I’ve attempted 8 365 (one photo per day) projects on Flickr, yet only completed 5 of them. The […]
  • Q2 vs iPhone
    Here’s an interesting (and accidental) experiment. Yesterday, while out making photos in the snow, I wound up unintentionally making almost the exact same photo of this majestic old tree using my Leica Q2 and my iPhone 13 Pro. I noticed […]