Photo essay #2: A little winter in Ottawa

“They” said that the 2016/2017 winter in central/eastern Canada would be a classic Canadian winter, whatever that means. So far it has meant lots of snow but thankfully not too much bone-chilling cold. I might have a giant 2.5m snowbank in front of my house, but at least we haven’t been forced to endure weeks of -17°C daytime “high” temperatures.

When life serves lemons, make lemonade, they say. When your morning commute winds up looking like this, whip out the camera. A normal 35 minute commute got an hour added onto it not too long ago:

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White out 1/5White out 1/5

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Just hanging on 2/5Just hanging on 2/5

Of course, all this white stuff turns the outdoors into a giant playground.

Sometimes, although very rarely it seems these days, the sun will actually make an appearance after a storm. The low winter sun makes for great light with beautiful shadows and definition.

And when the sun is somewhere else, there’s still beauty to be found. Even if it’s hard to find.

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Fallen but not forgotten 3/5Fallen but not forgotten 3/5

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Mother knows best 4/5Mother knows best 4/5

The City of Ottawa is definitely one of the most bike-friendly in Canada, with ample facilities, dedicated cycle tracks and bike parking. Mother nature doesn’t agree.

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Not now; come back later 5/5Not now; come back later 5/5


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