Photo Essay #5: Architectural Blues in Ottawa

If you’re a fan of innovative architecture and design, I’m sad to report that it’s really easy to get the blues here in Ottawa. There’s a serious shortage of daring, innovative, heck, even *nice* architecture in this burg. But there are a few nicer buildings that always catch my eye, especicially when the light is good.

How innovative are they? Dunno – I’m not an architect.

How daring are they? They sure seem to play it safe.

Are they nice? Compared to most of the buildings around here, yes – they’re certainly better than average.

Here are five buildings that caught my eye on lunchtime photowalks this year.

1/5: Constitution Square

Construction: 1986

1/5 Architectural blues//

2/5: Sun Life Financial Centre, w/bonus reflected buildings

Construction: 1984

On the left: Heritage Place, built in 1985. On the right: CBC Ottawa Broadcast Centre, built in 2004

2/5 Architectural blues//

3/5: Export Development Canada headquarters

Construction: 2011

3/5 Architectural blues//

4/5: Public Service Alliance of Canada Building

Contruction: 1968

4/5 Architectural blues//

5/5: Esplanade Laurier

Construction: 1975

5/5 Architectural blues//

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