Photo Essay #8: Signs of spring

Every year in Ottawa, it’s more or less the same thing: somewhere around mid-March, winter starts petering out, and gasps its dying breath somewhere by the beginning of April.

In April, the snow melts away, the grass starts turning green, and we all anxiously await warm days (anything over 10°C counts) where we can go outside without anything heavier than a windbreaker.

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Signs of spring 3/5Signs of spring 3/5

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Signs of spring 4/5Signs of spring 4/5

But for whatever reason, the trees seem to take their sweet time to wake up. Until they do, we’re in a sort of strange nether-world of green grass and bleak, gray trees with no life.

It’s not until the last week of April or the first weeks of May that the buds start appearing. When they do, they sure go fast.

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Signs of spring 2/5Signs of spring 2/5

This is what the maple tree in my backyard have been up to this past week.

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Signs of spring 1/5Signs of spring 1/5

Soon enough, these buds will turn into full-blown maple leaves and we’ll get some colour and shade again.

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Signs of spring 5/5Signs of spring 5/5

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