Major’s Hill Park

Nestled between the National Gallery and the Château Laurier, the US Embassy and the Rideau Canal, lies Ottawa’s Major’s Hill Park.

Major’s Hill Park is the Capital’s first park, and has been a green space since 1826, when the building of the Rideau Canal began. In 1867, fireworks and bonfires in the park marked the Capital’s first Canada Day celebrations. It was formally established as a park in 1875.

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Canada 150Canada 150

For Canada’s 150th birthday celebrations (ongoing throughout 2017), over 200,000 selectively bred  Maple Leaf tulip bulbs were planted throughout the capital region. They haven’t opened yet…

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Look out below.Look out below.

Look out below.

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Waiting for the day to startWaiting for the day to start

Waiting for the day to start

Major’s Hill Park provides some very scenic views of Parliament and the Rideau Canal, since it sits up high. Take a look at the bike path below the Library of Parliament… if anything this underscores the wisdom of building on high ground.

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I guess they're not shooting filmI guess they're not shooting film

I guess they’re not shooting film

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