Photo Essay #19: Backstage in Ottawa’s Little Italy


Over the course of the autumn I spent every Saturday afternoon in Ottawa’s Little Italy neighbourhood that surrounds the SPAO (School of the Photographic Arts Ottawa) facilities.

As part of the Challenges course I was taking, we had a regular walkabout (only 1 hour) in order to try to find something to shoot for that week’s theme/challenge. More often than not, I would find someone or usually something that caught my eye.

Little Italy is transforming itself. What used to be a working-class immigrant enclave in an old lumber town is now gentrifying and is slowly become out of reach to its traditional residents. High-rise condos and shiny new townhouses are slowly crowding out the 100-year-old wood-frame homes that dominate the area.

I’ve tried to capture the essence of today’s Little Italy; come back in 6 months and it will have changed.

Ottawa's Little Italy (5/5)Ottawa's Little Italy (4/5)Ottawa's Little Italy (1/5)Ottawa's Little Italy (3/5)
Ottawa's Little Italy (2/5)

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