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In 2017 I had started a photo blog, but after a few months I lost my focus and abandoned it. After experimenting with numerous photography sites (500px, Adobe Portfolio) and social platforms (Ello, Tumblr, Instagram) I realized that the blog helped me do something that all the those sites couldn’t: tell my story with my voice on my terms. I missed doing that, so here I am once again.

Last week I had the good fortune to take a workshop with the inimitable Patrick La Roque, a Montreal-based photographer who teaches visual storytelling. It was lots of fun, I learned a lot (although less than a week later I feel like I’ve forgotten most everything!) and Patrick’s sage advice showed me how to weave a thread through my images, tying them together not only thematically but also stylistically.

What stories? Great question. I’m not entirely sure yet.

Let’s kick this off with images from an early morning walkabout in Montreal during my workshop and see where things go.

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