Ten thousand hours

There’s something magical about watching a master at work. Masters make everything look easy. Fluid. Simple. Obvious. They leave you walking away thinking “I could do that!” only to leave you a quivering, whimpering, simpering mess after your first attempt.

Clearly there’s nothing easy about what they do. Ten thousand hours of practice—according to Malcolm Gladwell or whoever he cribbed that idea from—is just about when we’re supposed to start getting innately “good” at what we do.

That’s 5 years of full-time work, give or take.

Sounds about right… If you’re not good at what you’re doing after practicing it full-time for 5 years, perhaps it’s time to consider another vocation.

Shot with the Fujifilm X-T2 and XF50MM F2

Be sure to click on the images and see them full-size in the lightbox, ideally on a big screen.

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