When the light is right, Lowertown edition

Good light makes everything look better. Warm sun makes everyone feel better.

Lowertown is an interesting neighborhood. The oldest part of Ottawa, it was settled in 1826 as a worksite for the Rideau Canal.

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Lowertown is bounded roughly by Rideau Street to the south, Sussex Drive and Ottawa River to the north, the Rideau Canal to the west, and the Rideau River to the east. It includes the commercial Byward Market area in the south-western part, and is predominantly residential in the north and east.

Along Sussex Drive, forming the periphery of Lowertown, you will find all sorts of institutions: embassies, government departments, the Notre-Dame Cathedral Basilica, the National Gallery of Canada. The side-streets to the east and south of Sussex form the heart of the old residential neighbourhood. It’s dotted with modest homes, many of which date back well over 100 years. Some are prettier than others, some have aged better than others, some are more well maintained than others. And some were replaced with homes that don’t necessarily reflect the character of the neighbourhood all that well.

Read more about the history of Lowertown at the Lowertown Community Association.

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