Dave Heath: visionary

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When Dave Heath wrote the preface to his seminal A Dialogue With Solitude in 1962, I doubt he thought his words would ring as true as they do 57 years hence:

Plus ça change, plus ça reste pareil…Plus ça change, plus ça reste pareil…

Plus ça change, plus ça reste pareil…

Mr. Heath was an extraordinary street photographer in his heyday (late 50’s, most of the 60’s) in New York City and Chicago. Always working candidly, he managed to capture the true emotional states of his subjects. A common sentiment runs like a thread throuh all his images: solitude. Even when people are in a big city and surrounded by people, they’re all alone. You can pick up the melancholic aloneness throughout his entire body of work.

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Learn more about Dave and his body of work at the National Gallery of Canada and his incredible Multitude, Solitude exhibit (until September 2).



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