Getting back into the game

The past six weeks have been a complete blur. Between a pre-Christmas family vacation, Christmas itself, tons of business travel, not to mention the pressures of closing a quarter and starting a new one, I’ve had no time to sit down, gather my thoughts and write them down.

On a few occasions, I may have gathered them, but like marbles on an almost-flat table, they got away from me before I could do anything with them.

I’ve always intended this blog to be a visual journal of sorts, but without regular updates, it’s not much of anything. So here I go again. Back on the wagon. Some discipline and some regular posts. This time for real! I promise.

Despite all the travel, all the work, all the busy-ness, I have managed make a fair amount of photographs. Making photos is theraeutic to me and I never go anywhere without my camera. Even on the shortest business trip to the least exotic place imaginable. Because you never know.

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Since the beginning of December, I’ve been to Calgary, Toronto (twice in the same week), Cancún, Montréal, Palm Springs and Calgary. With a few nights spent in my own bed at home, too.

Over the next few days and weeks, I’ll pull together some of the better shots from those trips. Stay tuned.

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