Yes we can

There’s that old Chinese “curse” my dad taught me when I was a kid:

May you live in interesting times

I had no idea it was apocryphal when I learned the expression oh so many years ago; dad probably didn’t either. Let’s face it: he didn’t have Snopes or Wikipedia or a myriad other tools at his fingertips to fact-check the saying. If he did, he would have found out that this “curse” was nothing more than the end-result of a game of broken telephone.

That was fake news, I guess.

Are these ever interesting times. Social isolation is the new watchword; schools have been closed, mass gatherings are banned, travel has reduced to a trickle, and we’re all being told to work from home, until this contagion passes.

We’ll get through this—we always do—and perhaps a new normal will emerge.

It’s time to hunker down and make the most of life around the house. When the light is right, what more can you ask for?

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Perhaps staying in isn’t so bad right now. A few weeks of melting would do us all a little good.

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  1. Patrick La Roque

    Mundane is about to become the visual norm my friend…;)

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