Scenes from the inside

Social distancing.

Physical distancing.

As someone who’s trying to get more into street photography, these aren’t exactly the best of times.

Alrighty then -

Alrighty then

So… what to do? Put away the camera until this whole thing blows over?

No, thank you. - It’s time to put on the thinking cap

No, thank you.

It’s time to put on the thinking cap

It’s time to fall back to my old 365 project instincts and training.

The joys of a 365 project mostly centred around watching the quality of my imagery improve over the year, as my inner photographer’s visual and creative muscles got a daily workout. At least that’s the idea. After the initial excitement of starting a 365 project (usually a few weeks in), an underlying state of anxiety (dread?) builds.

“What am I going to shoot today?”

“But I never left the house… the weather’s crap, I was working all day, I didn’t see/do anything interesting.”

“Oh, shit! It’s 5 minutes to midnight and I haven’t made my daily photo! Damn it!”

If you’ve ever done a 365 project (I’ve successfully done 4, tried to do 6) you know exactly how this feels.

Shooting in the age of coronavirus isn’t really much different than doing a 365. It’s all about tuning your eye to find beauty—or at least visual interest—in the everyday, in the mundane. In what you’ve got lying around the house.

Enjoying the interplay of light and shadow. Making the most of what you’ve got. Learning new techniques.

Doing like kids: learning through play.

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  1. Dominique Martel Avatar
    Dominique Martel

    That’s beautiful shots! And really inspiring.

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