61 Days

It’s been 61 days since I wrote a blog post. Not that I didn’t want to. Not that I had nothing to say or show or no photos to share or anything like that. I made well over 200 photos since my last post on April 9. when I created a stop-motion video of me cleaning up my workshop.

Lots has happened. Nothing has happened.

Because of the COVID-19 lockdown, time has turned into a run-on sentence with no punctuation at all. Weeks have no beginning or end, just middle. Every day feels the same. Every week feels the same.

“What are we doing this weekend?” has turned into an unanswerable trick question.

My mojo went to the same place as the temporal punctuation.

Enough bellyaching. Time to get back into the saddle and start posting again. Time to go through the photos I made this spring, the photos I made in seasons past, and bring them to life. Time to get back at it.

Here’s kick #1 at the can.

An accomplishment of sorts

My inbox looked like the one on the left for quite some time. Then it came time to file my taxes. Of course, so file taxes means to go through the last year’s papers for receipts, forms and all the paperwork that I’m terrible at filing just in case I missed something. Several hours of sorting, culling, filing, shredding and recycling later, inbox has been tamed. At least there’s that.

Oh, and the taxes got filed on time, too. Even got a refund out of it!

Stuck at home

Yeah, yeah… nothing special about this. We were all stuck at home. I did manage to see and capture some good light in the process, though, both inside and outside.

Getting out

As spring wore on, the restrictions around movement became less strict. There was less of a taboo around going out, although people were clearly reluctant. That made for some great opportunitites to capture the splendour of Ottawa’s annual tulip festival, unburdened by the crowds that are usually around.

I even managed to take a stroll down Wellington Street in Hintonburg (west of downtown), one of the coolest neighbourhoods in Ottawa that’s got its share of cool shops, restaurants and cafés… all unfortunately closed due to COVID. But the light was nice that morning…

Anyhow, I’m going to cut this one off here… there’s plenty more to share, and I have a backlog of stuff to go through. I’ll be back, in less than 61 days. Count on it.