Perfect timing

I finally got my beloved X-Pro3 back from warranty repair (after almost 7 weeks!) on Thursday and I was itching to make the most of it on a glorious, warm (26°C!) fall Saturday morning. (No time to shoot on Friday!)

So, I slapped on the XF16-80mm lens, popped the camera into my bike’s pannier and headed out for a very therapeutic spin in the countryside southeast of my home, stopping and shooting scenes that caught my eye.

Only when I got home to process my shots did I realise that my camera wasn’t shooting RAW—the technicians at Fujifilm must have reset the camera at some point and left it in JPG only mode. I must have been so excited to get my X-Pro3 back that I forgot to check my settings and customizations before heading out.

Oh well.

Everything here is in Classic Negative with a simple curve and levels tweak applied, plus a crop here & there.
Fujijilm X-Pro3 + Fujinon XF16-80mmF4
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