1/365 : The daily flat white

And here we go again… doing another 365 project over on Flickr. Taking it one day at a time, hopefully I’ll make it through the year.

A little background on this: I start every day with a flat white that I make with my trusty Breville. Until it’s consumed, by brain is a little mushy and I can’t get much started. The first thing I noticed after putting this mug down on the table was how the colour of the crema almost perfectly matched the teak in my dining room table. Grabbed the X100V, snapped away from a few angles, and voilà: picture #1 in this year’s 365 project done and dusted.

1/365 : The Flat White

My 365 project, from the beginning

Click the arrows while hovering over the photo to scroll through the entire project thus far, or click through to the entire album on Flickr.

1/365 : The Flat White

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