Friday Photowalk

A weekly recurring feature of Neale James’ most excellent Photography Daily podcast is the Friday Photowalk. Rather than recording the episode in a studio, Neale takes his show on the road (on a ramble would probably be more appropriate) through his Berkshire stomping grounds and literally walks and talks and snaps away. He invites his listeners to do the same, that is: listen to the podcast whilst out on a proper photowalk, listening and snapping away. I did this today for the first time.

What a wonderful concept!

I’m fortunate to live close to a park which is connected to a small wooded area that’s a popular walking destination for those trapped in the suburbs and seeking a quick getaway.

So I formatted my SD card, snapped my lovely Fujinon XF16mmF1.4 onto my X-Pro3, and set it for Ritchie Roesch’s wonderful Tri-X 400 film simulation recipe, popped in the Airpods, hit Play on Episode 186 and headed out for an hour’s ramble between two Teams calls.

Oh the joys of working from home!


3 Responses to “Friday Photowalk”

  1. marteldom Avatar

    Great images!

  2. Michel Olney Avatar

    I absolutely love this idea, wonderful. Food for thought for the 1eye gang.
    Great pictures, Éric!

    1. Eric DeLorme Avatar

      Merci, Michel. Bonne idée d’apporter le concept au 1Eye! Je cross-posterai 😉

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