Another Friday Photowalk

Taking some time out to go for a walk between back-to-back-to-back Teams meetings while working from home has become increasingly important to me as this pandemic wears on. Normally I try to get out for 45 minutes or an hour if I combine my walk with what passes for a lunch break. Today I could only muster about 30 minutes, but that’s okay because it was -15°C with a windchill of -23°C.

I always try to bring my camera with me, despite the relatively boring suburban surroundings. It’s not like I can shoot architecture or street photography or majestic landscapes from my doorstep – these are the suburbs and there’s really not much to see here.

Some days I venture into the woods near the esacarpment on the northern part of our subdivision—but that’s getting long in the tooth after a few weeks of daily walks—but today on my abridged journey I stuck to Fallingbrook park and paid close attention to a couple of gnarly birch trees that were looking great against the pale blue skies.

Only a 1.6km round trip, but I got some nice, rosy cheeks out of it. It was energizing and good for the soul.

All images SOOC JPG from my X-Pro3 with the XF27mmF2.8 and the “Nostalgic Negative” film sim.

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