121/365 : Mayday! Mayday!

A mom and son helping each other out at the Princess Louise Falls. I’m not sure who needed more assistance on those slippery rocks. It’s not all that far to fall, but it wouldn’t be pleasant, I’m certain.

121/365 : Mayday! Mayday!

Princess Louise Falls is the name given to the natural waterfall north of Princess Louise Drive, approximately 1km north of my home. It is part of Taylor Creek that ran from the north end of what is now Fallingbrook to the Ottawa River; Taylor Creek was named after the Taylor family that owned the land between Fallingbrook and the Ottawa River starting in the mid-1800’s.

The story is that Princess Louise, a daughter of Queen Victoria and wife of the Governor General the Marquis of Lorne (around 1880) came here by buggy to sketch watercolours. Mrs Marjorie Ward who lived in the house just east of the falls until her death in 1989, claimed that there was a plaque near the falls to that effect. Until about 1970, “Montreal Road” ran south of the present Queen Street / St Joseph Blvd, on its way to Montreal; the present Hwy 174 (Hwy 17) was a train track. The old bridge and pavement can still be seen at the bottom of the falls.

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