126/365 : Breakfast of Champions II

Just like my first course of “FCR” chemotherapy, this second course (and all the remaining ones) consists of pills that can be taken at home on days 2 and 3, which is much more convenient than a trip to the hospital for an injection or an IV drip, which I have to do for the Rituximab on day 1 of each course.

126/365 : Breakfast of Champions II

Clockwise from left:

  • Cyclophosphamide (12 tablets) – chemotherapy drug
  • Fludarabine (7 tablets) – chemotherapy drug
  • Ondansetron (1 tablet) – anti-nausea agent
  • Dexamethasone (2 tablets) – anti-nausea agent

Those last two are very important, since the chemo drugs are known to make people very nauseous.

I have to take all of these at breakfast for each of the three days of the course. In the evening I also have to take another ondansetron, lest I want to wake up the next morning feeling queasy.

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