137/365 : William’s bananas

This week, for an added challenge, I’ve decided to make photos in the style of William Eggleston. For those who don’t know Eggleston or his work, you can start with Wikipedia or a simple image search to get a sense of his visual style.

You could simply describe most of his photos as highly saturated, warm Kodachromes of nothing.

137/365 : William's bananas

Considering I’m still on lockdown here and there’s nowhere to go, I have lots of nothing to shoot. This challenge will be a cakewalk. Or will it?

For an additional twist, I’m making all these images SOOC/straight-out-of-camera; no post-processing whatsoever (apart from a crop or straightening).

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One response to “137/365 : William’s bananas”

  1. Alessandra Chaves Avatar

    Interesting description of Engelston’s photography, “highly saturated, warm Kodachromes of nothing.” It kind of is.

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