154/365 : Breakfast of Champions III

Here we go again. As has become tradition around here, I present to you the box of Tic Tacs I must take every morning for three days during each round of my FCR chemotherapy.

This being round 3 of 6, I’m halfway through! My how time flies…

154/365 : Breakfast of Champions III

From left:

• Fludarabine (7 tablets) – chemotherapy drug
• Ondansetron (1 tablet) – anti-nausea agent
• Dexamethasone (2 tablets) – anti-nausea agent
• Cyclophosphamide (12 tablets) – chemotherapy drug

I have to take all of these at breakfast for each of the three days of the course. In the evening I also have to take another ondansetron, lest I want to wake up the next morning feeling queasy.

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