158/365 : Lunch of champions

One of the legendary side effects of chemotherapy is… nausea. Oh, that glorious upheaval and queasiness that leaves you feeling crummy, woozy, uncomfortable, and all-around gross.

They say that when you’re nauseous, the best thing to do is the exact opposite of what you feel like doing: eat. Of course, most food is completely unappealing while nauseous because of taste, smell, texture, whatever. But ya gotta eat. So… soda crackers (or saltines, if you’re so inclined) to the rescue.

158/365 : Lunch of champions

Mmm. Washed down with a nice glass of ginger ale, soda crackers are not only the lunch of champions, but also breakfast, snack and supper. Thankfully, this phase doesn’t last too long – 24-36 hours and then back to “normal.”

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2 thoughts on “158/365 : Lunch of champions

    1. It’s funny, my wife is basically laughing at me for going through a “pregnancy diet”… although I don’t remember much of what she could stomach (it was 20 years ago!) I do remember what she couldn’t – and the list was long. Ironically, she seems to have forgotten! Last night she tried to serve me fish… 🤢 which was a definite no-no for her back in the day, so why would it be good for me? LOL!

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