181/365 : At least I didn’t forget my meds

Today is Day 1 of Round 4 of my 6-round chemotherapy treatment for small lymphocytic lymphoma. Day 1 treatment always involves a trip to the “medical daycare” at the Ottawa Hospital, where nurses administer a Rituximab injection. The rest of my chemo drugs (cyclophosphamide and fludarabine) are oral, with pills I pick up at the pharmacy (with a prescription, naturally). I’m supposed to take these drugs at the same time as the Rituximab (give or take an hour) so I always bring those along to the hospital.

As I’ve been documenting my journey and always bring my trusty Fujifilm X100V with me to the hospital, and today was no different.

Except I forgot the SD card.

181/365 : At least I didn't forget my meds

At least I didn’t forget my meds!

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