210/365 : Breakfast of Champions V

Here we go again! As has become tradition around here, I present to you the box of Tic Tacs I must take every morning for three days during each cycle of my FCR chemotherapy.

This being cycle 5 of 6, I’m almost done! According to my haematologist, my latest CT scan indicate that my body is showing a “complete response” to the treatment, meaning that the lymphoma is on the run and I should expect a full remission when all the treatments are completed by the end of August.

210/365 : Breakfast of Champions V

Clockwise from top:

• Aprepitant (1 capsule) – anti-nausea agent
• Ondansetron (1 tablet) – anti-nausea agent
• Dexamethasone (2 tablets) – anti-nausea agent
• Fludarabine (7 tablets) – chemotherapy drug
• Cyclophosphamide (12* tablets) – chemotherapy drug

I have to take all of these at breakfast for each of the three days of the cycle. In the evening I also have to take another ondansetron, lest I want to wake up the next morning feeling queasy.

* The more eagle-eyed amongst you may notice only 11 cyclophosphamide tablets in the rightmost shot glass. Not sure what happened there, but rest assured the stray pill has been found and consumed. All’s well that ends well.


2 Responses to “210/365 : Breakfast of Champions V”

  1. Alessandra Chaves Avatar

    I wonder why the don’t concentrate more in one pill so instead of 12 you could take 6…

    1. Eric DeLorme Avatar

      That’s a great question!! The dose is based on overall body weight, so it might be easier to adjust dosage reasonably precisely by adding or removing one pill at a time. It doesn’t matter… these pills are quite small, they’re smooth, and they go down easily with one gulp of water.

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