238/365 : Breakfast of Champions VI

238/365 : Breakfast of Champions VI

Here we go again! As has become tradition around here, I present to you the box of Tic Tacs I must take every morning for three days during each cycle of my FCR chemotherapy.

This being cycle 6 of 6, I’m done! Technically I’m done with the pills tomorrow morning, and I have a Lapelga injection on Sunday, but let’s not quibble with details here.

From a photographer’s perspective boy am I glad this is done. I was running out of ways to compose and shoot these damned pills early in the morning!!

From left to right:

• Aprepitant (1 capsule) – anti-nausea agent
• Dexamethasone (2 tablets) – anti-nausea agent
• Ondansetron (1 tablet) – anti-nausea agent
• Fludarabine (7 tablets) – chemotherapy drug
• Cyclophosphamide (12 tablets) – chemotherapy drug

3 thoughts on “238/365 : Breakfast of Champions VI”

    1. It is!! Now it’s a waiting game… “final” CT scans and blood tests in 6 weeks to get the report card and long-term prognosis (so far everything is looking good so 🤞). At least now I know that once I start feeling better next week (chemo really makes me feel crappy for about 6 days) I won’t have to do it again in another month.

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