268/365 : Car free and care free

Every weekend from spring to autumn, the National Capital Commission closes several scenic parkways in Ottawa and Gatineau to automotive traffic as part of its Weekend Bikedays program.

It’s a fantastic way to get out there and ride on beautiful (mostly) smoothly paved roads without having to worry about cars, trucks, and buses.

After almost an entire year of not riding, it was nice to get back out there and enjoy this wonderfully clement Saturday – 19°C, light winds, partially cloudy skies – and put a little over 25km on the odometer. I was amazed at how simultaneously easy and hard this ride was. Yes, it was literally as easy as getting back on the bike, but at the same time, a stark reminder of how much wind my lymphoma took out of my sails.

I guess I’ll have to keep at it and rebuild some lost fitness. There are worse fates.

The relaxation station on the Ottawa River
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