270/365 : Peloton

After 6+ months of chemo-induced (or was it self-induced?) lethargy it’s time to get back on the bike and get back into shape.

Problem is, the days are getting shorter and my workdays aren’t. When I was younger, riding in the dark didn’t bother me, but now that I have a closer relationship with my mortality, riding in the dark has really lost its lustre.

Back in the days before Covid I used to go to an indoor cycling class (Les Mills RPM—don’t call it Spinning!!) two or three times per week at the local gym and really enjoyed the workout I got (intense!), the camaraderie (you get to know the regulars), and the motivation from the instructors (hi, Hélène!). When I was going regularly, I got into some of the best shape of my late 40’s.

Now with chemo behind me, it’s time to regain what I’ve lost (fitness) and lose what I’ve gained (kilos).

I’ve never been really happy with my indoor trainer setup – it’s always been too noisy, too unstable, too fiddly in general. So, I decided to see what this Peloton thing is all about.

I took delivery of the unit earlier today and went on my inaugural spin just after work. I have to admit, the experience is really first class! The instructor (Alex Toussaint) was great, the bike rides like a dream (so quiet and smooth!), and the soundtrack reminded me a little of being back in that sweat chamber at GoodLife with Hélène and the crew. Minus the smell.

I really don’t miss the smell.

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