Phototherapy week

Recently in a 1:1 meeting with my manager, I mentioned having the “blahs” and needing to take some time to myself that had nothing to do with chemotherapy or tests or hospitals. (The last two weeks’ worth of “vacation” that I took during the summer I was recovering from chemotherapy, so they didn’t really count.)

My manager suggested I clear my calendar for the following week (that would be the week of October 25) and simply take it off. How could I say no to that? Although I couldn’t clear my Monday calendar, the rest of the week was mine for the taking.

Time for a little phototherapy!

(In my world, “phototherapy” doesn’t mean parking myself in front of a bright light to ward off the effects of Seasonal Affective Disorder. It means going out for long walks with my camera and making photos of whatever pleases my eye. It’s all very therapeutic.)

Apart from a miserable cold and rainy Tuesday where I admittedly didn’t spend much time outside, the balance of the week was gloriously sunny and warm (for late October).

What a great way to spend the week. Thanks, boss!



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  1. pilonfamilyblog Avatar

    Great series, Eric! From looking at all the photos you posted, you must be cured of the “blahs”! You were very close to where my son lives in Montreal (Fabre and Saint-Joseph).

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