326/365 : Good morning, Moon

This morning while I was eating my breakfast and doing my daily New York Times (just the mini – I don’t have that much time in the mornings) crossword, Victor asked me “Why is there a full moon in the morning… and why is it in our backyard?”

Not unreasonable questions, I thought.

Intrigued, I took a look – lo and behold, a soon-to-be-setting moon was descending over my neighbour’s trees, all lit up in a featureless blue sky.

So I ran upstairs to my office, grabbed my longest zoom lens, slapped it on the X-T3 and voilà: today’s POTD, done and dusted.

For the photo nerds: This is almost a SOOC image; it’s actually two focus stacked SOOC JPGs. One JPG focused on the moon, the other on the trees. Otherwise, there is zero manipulation to anything else (colour, contrast, etc.).

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