365 : Week 16 Digest

Another week of isolation and boredom. Making the most of what I’ve got.

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5 thoughts on “365 : Week 16 Digest”

    1. Eric DeLorme

      I tested positive for Covid 2 weeks ago, got hit pretty hard, and am now (almost) fully recovered. Although I did test positive again this morning. Alas.

      1. Oh no! How come? Here people are invited back to work day 5 after testing positive… But it’s a capitalist country with little sick leave benefits and who cares about others health, right?

        1. Eric DeLorme

          Don’t get me started! 😉

          I guess we cannot just wish or mandate or legislate Covid away. Imagine that! Anyhow, I do consider myself very fortunate: I work from home (and will not be “forced” back into the office by my employer) and we have generous sick leave (10 days paid), not to mention a VERY understanding and kind manager. I fully recognize that most aren’t as fortunate as I, and I’m saddened angered to hear about all those that are forced back to the office/workplace while still feeling ill, infectious or whatever—usually out of necessity.

          1. Maybe that’s why right now there’s a shortage of workers in almost every industry here, particularly food services. Every other restaurant is understaffed. People have had it with low salaries, few benefits and juggling the pandemics restrictions and family life. I am fortunate that I also have great benefits, including sick leave, but government jobs are few and far in-between, and the tendency is for all benefits to eventually go away for all.

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