365 : Week 25 digest

Although I’ve been doing the work-from-home thing since well before the pandemic—although with more customer visits and travel to mix things up—I always dreaded being home while on my 365 because it meant finding a daily subject in the house, in the yard or in the neighbourhood. If I lived in the Plateau Mont-Royal, Brooklyn, or Ibiza, it might be easier to find interesting subjects… but in the eastern suburbs of Ottawa, subjects of interest are few & far between, especially after having done multiple 365 projects.

After over a year and a half of making daily photos, I finally had enough. The daily scramble of coming up with a subject, especially during the week when I don’t really leave home finally wore out its welcome. I’ve felt that my subjects were getting repetitive, my standards were dropping, and frankly it wasn’t fun anymore.

Therefore, this is going to be the last weekly digest for my 365 project in 2022. I will still make photos, but not as a daily chore. I will make them for fun, and I will be sharing my efforts on Flickr and this blog.

Thanks for following along!

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