Q2 vs iPhone

Here’s an interesting (and accidental) experiment. Yesterday, while out making photos in the snow, I wound up unintentionally making almost the exact same photo of this majestic old tree using my Leica Q2 and my iPhone 13 Pro. I noticed this when I was processing my pictures in Capture One yesterday evening; the composition was almost identical, and the lighting conditions were essentially identical.

I had the good fortune of having shot both photos in RAW (DNG), so I decided to see what I could do to make them look as similar as possible. I used the same black and white conversion presets, the same colour profiles, and tried to leave as many other “sliders” and adjustments untouched. Any variances you see will be the result of each camera’s sensor behaving in its own unique way.

So, which is which? Which is “better”?

Why should I bother lugging around a big heavy camera, when I always have my phone? 🤔

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One response to “Q2 vs iPhone”

  1. Diane Avatar

    I’m sure this is a rhetorical question but … here is some of my reasoning:
    Phone cameras are: Easily accessible/portable; autofocus allows us to point-and-shoot for perfectly acceptable photos; resolution is generally good enough for most blogging and social media purposes; when printing large, there will be noise; poor zooming capabilities; not fast enough for action.
    Dedicated cameras: Great zooming capabilities with professional lenses; ability to control lighting & contrast; if selling printed work, far superior in printing results;
    It really comes down to what a person wants in a camera.
    I suspect the image on the right was taken with your Q2 though this isn’t really the way to see detail. If I could see the raw file or prints, then it’s easier to distinguish between the two.

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