About Me

Welcome and thank you for visiting my humble photo blog. A place for me to collect some thoughts, images from my 365 and other projects, and post the occasional photo essay in a format that gives me more latitude than social media platforms without subjecting you to ads and trackers and all the other distractions of social media. I hope you will like what you see.

I live in Ottawa, Ontario. I’m a father, a husband, a son, a cook, a cyclist, a traveller (on hold for now!), and a full-time IT professional. I’m also a photographer, but just for fun.

Photography is a way for me to exercise my right brain and get all creative and expressive, which isn’t something that comes easily to me in other media. I love music, but I can’t carry a tune or play an instrument. I love painting, drawings, etchings, and sketches… but I can’t draw a straight line or a round circle to save my life.

Photography—especially digital photography—checks all the boxes: cool gadgets, computer time with some great editing apps (mostly Capture One these days), websites, blogs… it’s this geek’s paradise!

The easiest way to define my photographic style is to not try—I don’t really have a style. Anything is fair game: architecture, street, found items, street portraiture, landscapes, you get the idea. In general, I don’t like staging scenes, I prefer to capture a scene as it is, but I’m not averse to playing around with props and artificial lighting should I be in the mood.

I never go anywhere without a camera (I’m partial to Fujifilm) or my iPhone, always ready to catch the light, the mood, the shadow, the angle, the what-have-you. I shoot only for myself and am continually experimenting with different styles and techniques.

Thanks for looking at my galleries and musings here; you can find much more of my visual experimentation over on Flickr.

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