Around the House Miscellany

And then it was over

The nasty heatwave, that is. It rained last night, and there’s more to come later today. Phew!

One thing I like about early morning rain is what it leaves behind in the garden: beautiful water drops everywhere.

All images made with a Fujifilm X-Pro3, a Fujinon XF50mmF2 lens (sometimes with MCEX-11 macro extension tube) and processed in Capture One Pro.
After the rain
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Around the House Ephemera

Pistils at dawn

… and spent stamens at sunset. A quick tale of two tiger lilies.

Around the House Miscellany

Curb your enthusiasm

My wife decided to grow yellow zucchinis in the backyard garden this year.

This is the first (and so far only) mature one. I think it’s happy to see us.

Now we’re just waiting for a few more to grow and ripen so we can make some of Nigella Lawson’s wonderful happiness soup.