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  • The Murals of Chinatown

    The Murals of Chinatown

    The murals of Ottawa’s Chinatown are colourful and diverse artworks that reflect the local culture and history, many of which are part of a public art project called “Chinatown Blossoms,” a partnership between the Ottawa Chinatown BIA and the Ottawa School of Art. I’ll add photos to this gallery on an ongoing basis as I make […]

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  • Let’s try that again

    Let’s try that again

    Knowing how to make an AI generate interesting content will be a very marketable skill very soon, methinks.

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  • That was easy

    That was easy

    This is what happens when you let AI write a blog post for you.

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  • New Year, New Projects

    New Year, New Projects

    I’m a longtime fan of photo projects; they’re great at keeping my eye and shutter-button finger limber. Over the past 10 years I’ve attempted 8 365 (one photo per day) projects on Flickr, yet only completed 5 of them. The failed projects have almost always been because of burning while doing back-to-back 365 projects. 2022 […]

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  • Q2 vs iPhone

    Q2 vs iPhone

    Here’s an interesting (and accidental) experiment. Yesterday, while out making photos in the snow, I wound up unintentionally making almost the exact same photo of this majestic old tree using my Leica Q2 and my iPhone 13 Pro. I noticed this when I was processing my pictures in Capture One yesterday evening; the composition was […]

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  • Game on

    Game on

    Challenging my Dad to a friendly game of Othello.

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