Spring has finally sprung. The polar vortex that sat on central and eastern Canada for most of April and the beginning of May finally packed up and went home.
Because of COVID-19, we've all spent most of this miserable spring cooped up indoors, which makes this past week of warmth and sunshine that much more special.
Because of COVID-19, the authorities had decided that Ottawa's annual tulip festival was to be online only, with the tulip beds in the parks at Dow's Lake and Major's Hill covered by webcams 24 hours/day. They even went as far as to try to ban photography, to promote physical (social) distancing.
That went over well.
It didn't take long for cooler heads to prevail. Did they really expect everyone to keep their iPhones in their pockets? I've visited the tulips several times over the past week, and people are doing a great job of keeping their distance.
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