365 : Week 25 digest

Although I’ve been doing the work-from-home thing since well before the pandemic—although with more customer visits and travel to mix things up—I always dreaded being home while on my 365 because it meant finding a daily subject in the house, in the yard or in the neighbourhood. If I lived …

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365 : Week 22 digest

The theme this week in the 365 group was “Ant’s Eye View”—that is, shots taken from waaay down low, from the perspective of an ant. I managed to make a few of those this week but got distracted…

365 : Week 19 Digest

Finally, spring has sprung around here. It took a while, but things warmed up enough for all the trees to bud and bloom, the tulips to open up, the grass to grow and for everything to feel decidedly summery. Time to break out the rosé and the cold brew!

365 : Week 18 Digest

Another week, another mixed bag of images. Spring has definitely arrived, the sun’s out, it’s time to pry myself away from the home office…

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