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  • Easy as Pie

    Easy as Pie

    For dessert tonight, my wife decided to make pecan pie. How could I resist the opportunity to document the pie-making process? Check out some more of the process over in my gallery.

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  • Mer Bleue

    Mer Bleue

    It has been an October for the record books. Warm (we’re talking t-shirt weather in Ottawa 2 days before Halloween), mostly sunny, not too windy… nothing to complain about. Took advantage of the great weather to go for a walk out in Mer Bleue, a conservation area just outside the city. ‘Twas good for the […]

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  • 365 : Week 20 Digest

    365 : Week 20 Digest

    I really enjoyed this week’s theme in our 365 project: monochrome. I’ve always had a soft spot for black and white imagery, so this week was a lot of fun for me.

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  • 362/365 : When in doubt, look up

    362/365 : When in doubt, look up

    Beats looking down (most of the time).

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  • 351/365 : Not long for this world

    351/365 : Not long for this world

    In Victor’s hands, no sandwich stands a chance.

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  • 345/365 : QQQX at Joe’s

    345/365 : QQQX at Joe’s

    Went for lunch today with my Flickr mates Perry, Richard, and Daniel (the three Qs) at Joe’s Italian Kitchen in Westboro. This restaurant is pushing patio season to the extreme, opting to keep their patio open all winter (if they can). This was perfect for me, since I’m still not comfortable dining indoors given my […]

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