158/365 : Lunch of champions

One of the legendary side effects of chemotherapy is... nausea. Oh, that glorious upheaval and queasiness that leaves you feeling crummy, woozy, uncomfortable, and all-around gross. They say that when you're nauseous, the best thing to do is the exact opposite of what you feel like doing: eat. Of course, most food is completely unappealing while nauseous because of taste, smell, texture, whatever. But ya gotta eat. So... soda crackers (or saltines, if you're so inclined) to the rescue.

125/365 : Not quite a punch in the gut

Today is day 1 of the second round of FCR chemotherapy treatment for my CLL/SLL lymphoma. Unlike in the first round, when the Rituximab was administered in a 6-hour IV drip, this time around the 1,600mg dose is injected directly into my belly fat over the course of about 5 minutes. https://www.flickr.com/photos/emrold/51160054301/in/datetaken/ The nurse had … Continue reading 125/365 : Not quite a punch in the gut

97/365 : The Medical Daycare

https://www.flickr.com/photos/emrold/51101645681/in/album-72157718885488526/ Suffice it to say that the Ottawa Hospital's Medical Daycare is not as fun as Daddy Daycare or any other daycare environment I've seen. No fun, no games, all serious. That's not entirely true… the nurses are all incredible people with a very keen sense of humour and more compassion and empathy than one … Continue reading 97/365 : The Medical Daycare