There’s nothing quite like the November sun. It’s low, it’s bright, and when you’re in the city it reflects all over the place in all sorts of unexpected ways. I had the good fortune to be able to play hooky from work for a few hours yesterday afternoon and take advantage of the unseasonably warm …

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In for Out of Chicago

I am so privileged to be able to attend this year’s Out of Chicago summer conference, in, you guessed it, Chicago. It’s a 2½ day gathering of photographic enthusiasts and pros, where we get together, network, learn from the best and most importantly, get out and shoot! Chicago is really a photogenic city unlike any …

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It’s always sunny in Philadelphia

That’s not really true, of course. The City of Brotherly Love is quite picturesque, especially around the downtown and City Hall areas. The architecture is truly outstanding and very well maintained. Lean in City Hall, home of the original Broad Street Bullies Mr. Wolf should sue Jordan Belfort and Martin Scorcese I just couldn’t resist …

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