There’s nothing quite like the November sun. It’s low, it’s bright, and when you’re in the city it reflects all over the place in all sorts of unexpected ways.

I had the good fortune to be able to play hooky from work for a few hours yesterday afternoon and take advantage of the unseasonably warm (22°C vs the “normal” 7°C or so) and go on a little photowalk in downtown Ottawa.

Here’s a little of what I saw, arranged in pairs.

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A little under two years ago, my friend and photographic rock star Patrick La Roque posted a short essay over on the Kage Collective entitled Rubicon. Although he didn’t explicitly state it, the essay was all about the U.S. midterm elections which happened the day after Patrick’s post.

Here we are, approaching the eve of another historic election, where the stakes could not be higher. Another Rubicon, to be certain.

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Perfect timing

I finally got my beloved X-Pro3 back from warranty repair (after almost 7 weeks!) on Thursday and I was itching to make the most of it on a glorious, warm (26°C!) fall Saturday morning. (No time to shoot on Friday!)

So, I slapped on the XF16-80mm lens, popped the camera into my bike’s pannier and headed out for a very therapeutic spin in the countryside southeast of my home, stopping and shooting scenes that caught my eye.

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