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  • 101/365 : Signs of life

    101/365 : Signs of life

    Not venturing far from home (from home? Ha! Not far from my recliner LOL) today, was able to see some encouraging signs of life budding on the pear tree we planted last fall.

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  • 100/365 : A new dawn

    100/365 : A new dawn

    It was a good thing I snapped this early, because it was the one and only shutter actuation of the day. I was wiped out and uninspired; turns out the day after chemotherapy treatment is rougher on the system than I expected it to be. With luck tomorrow will be better.

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  • 99/365 : I married a cavewoman

    99/365 : I married a cavewoman

    I turn my head for a minute after having asked Danielle to carve the remaining meat off this wonderful leg of lamb we had for dinner, and what do I see? A return to basic instincts. “The knife couldn’t get to all the meat on the bone. What was I supposed to do?” At least…

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  • 98/365 : Breakfast of champions

    98/365 : Breakfast of champions

    Days 2 (today) and 3 (tomorrow) of my chemo regimen consists of this wonderful chemical breakfast supplement (from left to right): Ondansetron (to prevent nausea) Allopurinol (to protect kidneys) Dexamethasone (to prevent nausea) Cyclophosphamide (CHEMO) Fludarabine (CHEMO) Not to be taken on an empty stomach!

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  • 96/365 : The Shawarma King

    96/365 : The Shawarma King

    You don’t need good eyesight (or any at all) to find the Shawarma King… just follow your nose.

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  • 95/365 : Rust Never Sleeps II

    95/365 : Rust Never Sleeps II

    Different place, different materials, same result. Oxygen giveth, oxygen taketh away.

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