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221/365 : It could have been worse

All things considered, this wasn’t too bad after a whole week off. Thankfully, many of my colleagues were off too, which kept the overall count reasonable. Even better, only about 10 messages actually required immediate action of some sort.

181/365 : At least I didn’t forget my meds

Today is Day 1 of Round 4 of my 6-round chemotherapy treatment for small lymphocytic lymphoma. Day 1 treatment always involves a trip to the “medical daycare” at the Ottawa Hospital, where nurses administer a Rituximab injection. The rest of my chemo drugs (cyclophosphamide and fludarabine) are oral, with pills I pick up at the pharmacy (with a prescription, naturally).

I’ve been documenting my journey and always bring my trusty Fujifilm X100V with me to the hospital, and today was no different. Almost.

The reluctant model

Son: No, Dad. I’m am not going to pose for your stupid picture. Every time I get a haircut, you take my picture and it drives me nuts. I’ll have nothing to do with it and I’m not going to smile. Me: Suit yourself.

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