The glamour

A hotel. A business park. An hour to kill in the morning.

Could be anywhere. Could be somewhere. Could be nowhere.

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But the camera follows.

Good morning, Picton


Picton, the seat of Prince Edward County is known for its bucolic setting, great restaurants, quirky boutiques and overall great vibes. Over the past few years, Picton—along with the rest of PEC—has started to gentrify. Retirees and tourists from Toronto, Ottawa, Montréal and beyond are moving in, setting up, and driving prices out of reach for long-time residents.

It’s the same old story that’s being played out in cities and towns all over the “free” world. (Turns out that free is getting expensive.)


An early morning walk off the main drag reveals what’s changed, what’s changing and what will surely change in the years to come.

I really like this place; I hope it doesn’t lose its soul.

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Coffee + Croissants


A few simple scenes from a simple breakfast on a glorious August morning in Prince Edward County, ON.

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All images shot with the Fujifilm X100F and processed in Capture One Pro.

Las Vegas, le matin

The Strip in Las Vegas really isn’t my cup of tea. It’s gaudy, garish, noisy, and crowded. Wall-to-wall people in varying states of lucidity careening from one casino to the next. Party girls trolling for new “friends.” Families looking visibly uncomfortable wondering why they brought their children to a modern Sodom.

And in July, it’s hot. Real hot. Walking into a kiln hot. I don’t “do” heat very well (if at all) and was thankful that the conference centres at the MGM Grand, the Aria and Mandalay Bay were all thoroughly air conditioned.

For the first few days there, my body was still adjusted to Eastern time (Vegas is 3 hours “behind” in the Pacific time zone), which meant I naturally woke up at 4 or 5 in the morning. Since the conference didn’t start until 8:30, there was nothing to do; so I went for walks before sunrise. Quiet streets, reasonably comfortable temperatures, and for a few fleeting moments, some really great light reflecting off the nicer buildings.

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Leaving Las VegasLeaving Las Vegas

Leaving Las Vegas

Photo Essay #13: Sunday morning in Chicago

A little over a week ago, I had the privilege to spend the weekend at the Out of Chicago conference (hazard a guess as to where it’s held). Chicago is one heck of a city, and its buildings and people are as photogenic as they get.

On Sunday morning, I wound up getting up very early. My body clock decided that 6AM was time to get up and go. So when the sun is shining, and is still low in they sky, what else could I do? I went for a little photowalk before the day’s proceedings got going.

Here we are on the State Street bridge over the Chicago River. On the left are the iconic Marina Centre towers. At the base of the eastern tower is Wollensky’s Grill, where I found Rick hosing down the patio before another busy day was about to begin. We chatted for a few minutes and he was gracious enough to pose for a quick street portrait. This is a man who takes pride in what he does and you can see it in his eyes.

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There is constant boat traffic on the river: pleasure craft, water taxis, ferries, tourist ships, and this: the yoga cruise. Walking along Wacker Drive I could hear a voice over a tannoy and turned my head to take a look. I had to double take since I’d never seen an entire upper deck of a boat engaged in yoga before.

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The tall shiny buildings downtown make for some spectacular light and reflections at all times of the day. Half the time I wasn’t sure whether my subject was the person/place/thing I pointed my camera at or the shadows!

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