Drive-thru Nation

Monday afternoon in the suburbs, Coronavirus edition. I decided to take advantage of the beautiful blue skies and relative warmth (13°C, but windy!!) and go out for a little bike ride to get some fresh air and clear my mind.

This is a bit of what I saw.

Go home, stay home

I thought I would have tons of time to blog, make photos around the house, start organizing my out-of-control photo albums, learn some new skills on YouTube and do all those other cool things that the newly housebound are (or rather boast they are) doing.

No such luck.

I cannot complain—work is keeping me busier than ever—but as someone who pretty much always works from home all the time anyhow, nothing’s really changed in terms of day-to-day routine. What has changed dramatically is life outside the house. The local parks, community centres, schoolyards and shops are all but deserted.

It’s almost like a season of The Leftovers on HBO, but with less people (outside).

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Until further notice

Things started getting “real” here in Ottawa on Friday the 13th (coincidence? I think not!) when the organization that runs the national museums announced that all federally-operated museums in Ottawa (and across Canada, for that matter) were shutting down “until further notice” due to COVID-19.

Then the dominoes really started to fall.

Shops, restaurants, cafés, bars, cinemas and other establishments announced they were closing shop in an effort to protect employees and clientèle from this unseen menace.

While Danielle and I have been working from home all week, actually busier than ever, my son got a layoff notice from Landmark Theaters where he works as an usher.

Temporary layoff.

Until further notice.

My daughter works at a supermarket as a deli clerk. Her job is safe, for now at least. Safe as in job security, not safe as in away from the front lines. Although we’re not thrilled with her going out like that, her employer has really stepped up the sanitizing and other measures to keep the working environment as clean and safe as possible. Since she works as a deli clerk, she’s already separated from customers by a 2m wide display case; it’s probably the safest job in there. Groceries are an essential service, and she feels pride in doing her part through these trying times.

Tempus Fugit

My oh my how time flies. September and October were a blur—in my mind Labour Day was just last weekend—and by all indications, November and December will zip by just as quickly.

From my perspective, September and October are arguably the absolute BEST months of the year in these parts (Ottawa, nicely sandwiched between Toronto and Montréal) and it’s a shame they’re gone. Because November and December just SUCK. Badly.


Care to guess when each of these two shots—same place, different PoV—were taken?

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There’s a reason why it’s not called Yesvember.

I was lucky enough to get out and shoot lots of pictures during September and October; we were blessed with a particularly spectacular start to the autumn and it’s definitely been hard not to shoot. On the flip side, it’s been (for me, at least) a particularly busy time, and I’ve neglected processing and sharing some of what I was able to capture.

So, for the next few days and weeks, I’m going to be digging into my backlog (none of it is old enough to call an archive) and creating a few posts that highligh just how visually awesome this autumn has been.

In the meantime, here’s a random sampling of what things looked like around home, in Ottawa and in Montréal in October.

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À bientôt!