181/365 : At least I didn’t forget my meds

Today is Day 1 of Round 4 of my 6-round chemotherapy treatment for small lymphocytic lymphoma. Day 1 treatment always involves a trip to the "medical daycare" at the Ottawa Hospital, where nurses administer a Rituximab injection. The rest of my chemo drugs (cyclophosphamide and fludarabine) are oral, with pills I pick up at the pharmacy (with a prescription, naturally). I've been documenting my journey and always bring my trusty Fujifilm X100V with me to the hospital, and today was no different. Almost.

147/365 : Hot Wheels

At the hospital for a checkup with my haematologist prior to next week's scheduled round of chemo. As I was leaving, I noticed that someone left this wheelchair in the parking garage, and I was immediately attracted to the light playing against the wheelchair and the soft shadows it cast. Daily shot done & dusted.