164/365 : Heading home on Gladstone

Gladstone Avenue has to be one of the least attractive major thoroughfares in Centretown Ottawa. It boggles the mind how most of what's there was approved at some point. The City of Ottawa really needs to up its game when it comes to demanding attractive, consistent, cohesive design from its citizens and developers.

159/365 : Scooting off into the sunrise

One of the few benefits of light insomnia is being able to get up and about bright and early, before too much oppressive heat and humidity builds up (we're in a heatwave right now). Another benefit is the early morning light—although I wasn't insomniac enough to get the blue hour or the golden hour—and the great shadows that get cast.

158/365 : Lunch of champions

One of the legendary side effects of chemotherapy is... nausea. Oh, that glorious upheaval and queasiness that leaves you feeling crummy, woozy, uncomfortable, and all-around gross. They say that when you're nauseous, the best thing to do is the exact opposite of what you feel like doing: eat. Of course, most food is completely unappealing while nauseous because of taste, smell, texture, whatever. But ya gotta eat. So... soda crackers (or saltines, if you're so inclined) to the rescue.

156/365 : Pottering around the garden

Done and dusted early this morning. It's going to be a nasty, sticky, hot, humid day today (exactly my most dreaded weather under the best of circumstances) and I know I'm going to be spending most of the day indoors recovering from the last three days' chemo (blech) so I thought it best to take advantage of the early sun while the temps (and my stomach) still cooperated. These potted flowers seemed like the perfect pick-me-up and will hopefully set the tone for the day.